Uber’s “Logan Massport Surcharge” Is Deceptive, Riders Claim

Uber users recently filed a class action lawsuit against Uber, claiming that Uber’s $8.75 “Massport Surcharge” is deceptive. Neither Massport nor Logan Airport impose a fee, charge or surcharge of any sort upon Uber vehicles dropping passengers off at the airport.

The suit also alleges that the surcharge is inflated for airport pick-ups. The maximum fee that licensed livery services, some of which are accessible using Uber, pay for Logan pick-ups is $3.25 — not $8.75 — and that pick-up fee is the only “Massport surcharge” applicable to Uber vehicles.

John Roddy and Elizabeth Ryan, Bailey & Glasser partners in the firm’s Boston, Massachusetts office, are litigating the suit on behalf of consumers unfairly hit by the surcharge.

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