Consumers and San Francisco District Attorney Say That Uber’s San Francisco Airport Fees Are Bogus

For years Uber has charged riders being transported to San Francisco airport a $4 “Airport Fee Toll,” ostensibly to reimburse drivers who paid the airport this fee. But on December 3rd two California Uber users filed a class action lawsuit against Uber in San Francisco, claiming that Uber’s $4 “Airport Fee Toll” was neither imposed on Uber nor paid to San Francisco Airport, as Uber had represented.  John Roddy and Elizabeth Ryan of Bailey & Glasser’s Boston office brought this case, following up on the consumer protection class action suit they filed against Uber in November for engaging in the same practice at Logan Airport in Boston.

One week after Bailey & Glasser sued Uber over the bogus fee, the District Attorneys of San Francisco and Los Angeles jointly filed a lawsuit alleging that Uber’s $1 Safe Rides Fee was deceptive, and the DAs also claimed that the $4 airport fee was deceptive.

John Roddy and Elizabeth Ryan, Bailey & Glasser partners in the firm’s Boston, Massachusetts office, are litigating the consumer protection class action suit on behalf of users unfairly hit by the fee.

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