Bailey & Glasser LLP Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against State Farm and Seattle Service Bureau For Deceptive Collection Letters

Bailey & Glasser LLP has filed a class action lawsuit against State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company and Seattle Service Bureau, doing business as National Service Bureau, Inc., for consumer protection violations associated with collection letters seeking to collect bogus “debts” on behalf of State Farm that had yet to be adjudicated.

Drivers involved in accidents with State Farm-insured vehicles have been receiving collection letters from National Service Bureau on behalf of State Farm to cover the insurance company’s expenses. But these letters have been sent before any liability to State Farm has even been established — by anyone.

The class action lawsuit contends that misleading payment demand letters violate consumer protection laws because the amount has not been adjudicated or otherwise reduced to a judgment by any court of law.

The lawsuit also contends that the attempt to collect a debt that is not yet due violates consumers’ rights and constitutes a deceptive and unlawful business practice.   Unfortunately, many consumers simply pay the mischaracterized “amounts due” without regard to whether any money is really owed.

The law firm of Bailey & Glasser LLP seeks to protect your rights, especially if you were duped into submitting payment on a misleading payment demand letter.

If you have received a collections letter from National Service Bureau, Seattle Service Bureau or State Farm claiming that you owe an “AMOUNT DUE,” please complete the contact form below.

Bailey & Glasser LLP continues to investigate these collection practices and our attorneys are available to discuss this matter with you in a free, no-obligation consultation.

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