NFL Player Files Class Action Against FanDuel For Misuse of His Likeness

Fantasy sports league uses images of Pierre Garçon and other NFL stars to earn hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue

Washington Redskins star wide receiver Pierre Garçon has filed a class-action suit against fantasy sports league FanDuel for its misappropriation of his likeness, and those of other NFL players, in its pervasive marketing campaign.

Garçon is represented by attorneys from Bailey & Glasser and Murray Murphy Moul + Basil.

The daily fantasy league commercial market generates billions of dollars in revenue. According to the complaint, FanDuel’s marketing revolves around professional athletes’ names, likenesses, talent, performance and popularity — without permission from or compensation for the players.

The lawsuit comes on the heals of a federal investigation into FanDuel based on accusations of employees using insider information to manipulate games.

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