News Article Notes Impact of Taurus Settlement – Taurus Pistol Safety Defects

The International Business Times published an intriguing story about the recent settlement with Taurus International in a class action lawsuit over defective pistols it has been selling for years.

Bailey & Glasser attorneys John Barrett and David Selby, along with M. Todd Wheeles with Morris, Haynes, Wheeles, Knowles & Nelson, represented Iowa police officer Chris Carter and other owners of Taurus pistols that have been shown to fire even when the safety is in the “on” position and the trigger isn’t pulled.

Though Taurus denies its weapons are defective, it agreed to replace or repair nearly 1 million pistols as part of the settlement. The IBT article pointed out something interesting about U.S. firearms laws:

“Taurus’ concession in the case is a legal landmark for a gun company operating in the U.S.,” IBT wrote. “It underscores a gaping regulatory hole for the 300 million guns Americans own: Unlike virtually any other consumer product sold in the United States — from toasters to cars to medical devices — the federal government has no authority to force the recall of potentially defective firearms.”

As the article noted, that lack of regulation “raises the stakes for what lawsuits can accomplish.”

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