Riddell, Inc. Sued for Misleading Ads For Youth Football Helmets

A class action lawsuit claims that since 2002,¬†Riddell, Inc., which has been designing, manufacturing and selling football helmets since 1922, has used misleading marketing to sell its “Riddell Revolution Helmets,” which utilize its patented “Concussion Reduction Technology.”

This marketing assures buyers that the helmets can reduce concussions in youth football players by up to 31 percent – but that claim is based on a single study, paid for by Riddell, that focused on high school football players, not youth players it has targeted.

There is no evidence that the Revolution Helmet actually reduces the overall risk of concussion among youth players more than other helmets.

Based on this misleading marketing, Midwestern Football, an incorporated non-profit youth football organization in Kanawha County, West Virginia, has been buying Revolution Helmets for years.

On behalf of Midwestern Football and other West Virginians who have purchased these helmets, and paid a premium market price based on the misleading claim that they reduce concussions among youth football players, Bailey & Glasser attorneys Marc R. Weintraub and Michael L. Murphy have filed a class action lawsuit against Riddell in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia.  A copy of the complaint can be found here: Midwestern Midget Football Club v. Riddell, Inc. РAmended Complaint

Such aggressive and misleading marketing violates consumer protection laws and unjustly enriches the corporations who engage in it.

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