Malpractice Case Over Undiagnosed Cancer Settled for $775,000

A malpractice case involving a doctor’s failure to diagnose vulvar cancer in a patient or refer her to a gynecologic oncologist was settled for $775,000, the maximum amount allowed by law, late last year.  The patient was represented by Bailey & Glasser attorney Kerrie Boyle of the firm’s Morgantown, West Virginia, office.

According to an expert witness, a doctor employed by the VA failed to note signs and symptoms of the cancer during a February 2013 examination.  Had the doctor followed proper standards of care at that time, he would have performed a pelvic examination and a biopsy or resection of the lesion – or referred the patient to a gynecologic oncologist.

The expert said that the doctor’s failure led to a five-month delay in the patient’s diagnosis and treatment, giving the cancer time to metastasize and vastly complicating the treatment.

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