Screening Of Forced Arbitration Expose, ‘Lost In The Fine Print,’ Hosted by Bailey & Glasser At National Consumer Law Center Conference

The Alliance for Justice has produced the powerful documentary, “Lost in the Fine Print,” which you can view here. Narrated by former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, the film educates viewers about the ubiquity of forced arbitration and its fundamental unfairness.

Because this private “justice” system was designed by the stronger parties to disputes — generally huge corporations — to favor them, its outcomes are often outrageous.

For example, the filmmakers interview a U.S. Army Reservist who was illegally fired from her job because she fulfilled her annual two-week military obligation. Incredibly, rather than find that the employer violated the law by firing the employee for serving her country, the arbitrator rejected her case outright.

Such a perverse result is not the exception to the rule in forced arbitration, where consumers and employees lose 94 percent of the time.

John Roddy, a Bailey & Glasser partner long involved in arbitration issues, introduced the film at the screening to an audience of more than 300 attendees at the NCLC conference in Tampa, Florida.

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