When is a “free” credit report not free? When it costs you $30 a month.

Company peddling MyCreditHealth, ScoreSense pays $22 million to FTC

Dallas-based credit-monitoring company One Technologies recently paid $22 million to settle an enforcement action brought by the Federal Trade Commission, the State of Illinois, and the State of Ohio.

One Technologies marketed its credit monitoring programs, MyCreditHealth and ScoreSense, through at least 50 websites, including FreeScore360.com, FreeScoreOnline.com and ScoreSense.com. According to the FTC, these websites lured consumers with “free” access to their credit scores and then billed them a recurring fee of $29.95 per month for a credit monitoring program they never ordered. The only way consumers could cancel their membership and request refunds was to call a toll-free number, and One Technologies often denied refunds to those who claimed they did not knowingly enroll. At least 210,000 consumers contacted banks, credit card companies, law enforcement agencies, and the Better Business Bureau to complain about the One Technologies scam.

Consumer class action attorneys John Barrett and Ryan Donovan of Bailey & Glasser’s Charleston, West Virginia office are investigating consumer claims against One Technologies and its subsidiaries. You can read more about the FTC settlement at http://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2014/11/ftc-illinois-ohio-stop-scheme-offered-free-credit-scores-then.

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