Federal Judge Preliminarily Approves Uber Settlement in Class Action Lawsuit

Customers had paid $4 ‘airport fee toll’ on top of regular fare

A federal judge granted preliminary approval to a class action settlement resolving claims that ride share giant Uber charged passengers a $4 “airport fee toll,” when in actuality, Uber pocketed the money.

Uber denied that calling the charge an “airport fee toll” would lead consumers to believe that it was imposed by the airport, but settled the lawsuit by agreeing to return all of the fees to the 355,000 customers who had been so charged.

John Roddy, of Bailey & Glasser’s Boston office, represents the class in this and a parallel case in Massachusetts. Roddy said “you can’t do much better than getting class members 100% refunds, as this settlement does.” Roddy added that “class members get their refunds automatically, no claim forms are required.” Because the vast majority of class members have active Uber accounts, the $1.8 million in refunds will be directly paid to them, and the remainder will receive checks in the mail.

The lawsuit was filed by Vamsi Tadepalli, represented by John Roddy and Elizabeth Ryan of Bailey & Glasser’s Boston office, Mike McKay and Todd Schneider of Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky Wotkyns, and Pedro Jaile of Jaile & Trifilo.

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