Taurus Pistol Safety Defects – Federal Judge Orders New Settlement Hearing in $240 Million Defective Pistols Case

Efforts have been ratcheted up to notify owners of defective pistols manufactured by Taurus International of their rights under a settlement negotiated by Bailey & Glasser attorney David L. Selby II of the firm’s Birmingham, Alabama office, and Todd Wheeles of Morris, Haynes, Wheeles, Knowles & Nelson.

News of the settlement, which allows owners of the defective pistols to have them repaired or replaced has appeared on Reuters, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch and in the Boston Globe.

There is no registry of owners of the defective pistols, so it’s important to alert the gun-owning public to the settlement. Owners of Taurus pistols can check the settlement website to see if their weapons are potentially defective.

Several models of Taurus pistols suffer from a “drop fire” defect that allows them to discharge even when the safety is on. Selby and Wheeles represented Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Carter of Scott County, Iowa, after his Taurus pistol discharged accidentally while he was apprehending a suspect, even though the safety was engaged.

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