Bloomberg BNA Series Highlights Lack of Federal Oversight In Defective Gun Cases – Taurus Pistol Safety Defects

A two-part investigative series in Bloomberg BNA about the lack of federal regulatory oversight in defective firearms cases featured a lawsuit brought by Bailey & Glasser attorney David Selby of the firm’s Birmingham, Alabama, office.

The article noted that, unlike with other consumer products, no federal agency has the authority to force a recall when a firearm is found to have a manufacturing defect, leaving class action lawsuits as oftentimes the only route to resolve potentially dangerous defects.

A class action lawsuit brought against Taurus by Selby on behalf of named plaintiff Chris Carter, a sheriff’s deputy in Iowa, alleged that a number of pistols sold by the manufacturer would fire when dropped, even with the manual safety engaged. In some cases, a trigger pull could discharge the weapon even with the safety engaged.

In that case, Taurus agreed in a preliminary settlement to have defective pistols repaired or replaced.

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