Bailey & Glasser LLP Announces Investigation of Richmond, VA Wealth Managers Equity Concepts, LLC and Cambridge Investment Research for Misleading and Deceptive Investment Strategies

Bailey & Glasser LLP is currently investigating potential claims on behalf of investors against Equity Concepts, LLC, based in Richmond, Virginia and Cambridge Investment Research for recommending misleading and deceptive investment strategies.  Wealth managers employed by Equity Concepts and Cambridge deceptively market an investment strategy which recommends purchasing life insurance products, borrowing heavily from the life insurance products, and investing the proceeds in the market.  In doing so, Equity Concepts and Cambridge provide investors with marketing materials that misrepresent the benefits of this investment strategy compared to direct investment in the stock market. Additionally, Equity Concepts and Cambridge conceal and fail to disclose the substantial risks, the pitfalls of the recommended strategy, and the substantial commissions earned by them by filtering the customers’ investment through insurance products.

The law firm of Bailey & Glasser seeks to protect your rights, especially if you invested indirectly through an insurance product investment strategy marketed by Equity Concepts or Cambridge.  If you would like more information, please contact James Kauffman in the firm’s Washington, DC office at (202) 463-2101.  Bailey & Glasser continues to investigate these collection practices and our attorneys are available to discuss this matter with you in a free, no-obligation consultation.

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