Amphetamines In Dietary Supplements

Bailey & Glasser attorneys Greg Porter and Mike Murphy recently wrote about dietary supplements that do not contain any DNA from plant that is listed as the active ingredient.

A new study published this week reveals that many popular weight-loss and workout supplements contain a chemical a lot like amphetamine, which is a powerful stimulant. This chemical, called BMPEA, was banned by Canadian regulators because it poses a serious health risk. Supplements that tested positive for BMPEA include JetFuel, Fastin, Yellow Scorpion, Black Widow, Liprodene Hardcore, Aro Burn, Dexaprite XR, Liprodene Xtreme, MX-LS1, and Stimerex.

A good indicator that a supplement contains BMPEA is when the label lists acacia rigidula as an ingredient. BMPEA has never been approved for use by humans. It has never been tested on humans. Leading scientists say that BMPEA can cause heart attacks and strokes. Unlike medical drugs, supplements do not have to be reviewed for safety or effectiveness before they can be sold.

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